Kids Club

We pride ourselves in being a family-friendly office and providing a fun and comfortable atmosphere for parents, patients, and little siblings. We would like to introduce the Hanna Bear Kids Club, created exclusively for the little siblings of our patients.

How Do I Become a Member?

When you come to our office, make sure to give us your name and birthday. You’ll receive an official membership card, a welcome bag and we’ll take your picture to put on our Hanna Bear Club board.

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Perks of being in the Hanna Bear Club:

  • Each time you come to our office, show us your membership card and you can pick a prize from the treasure chest
  • 4 times a year, our team will randomly choose the name of a kids club member to receive a special prize from our team
  • You will receive a birthday card each year from Team Hannapel
  • When you turn 7, you will be invited to come to the office for a complimentary visit with Dr. Hannapel
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