Hannapel Happenings


Dress Up Days

It is important to us that your visits to our office are comfortable, fun and rewarding. Thank you for making each day fun! We look forward to seeing the creative outfits for our dress up days and we love the participating we get from our patients (and parents) for our monthly contests.

**Follow our Facebook page to see our current Dress Up Days!

Patient Reward Program

Earn points at each appointment and cash them in for prizes in our display case located at the front desk. You can earn four points at each visit:

  • 1 Point – Signing in early for your appointment
  • 1 Point – Waiting in the On Deck a.k.a. TV Room after you have signed in
  • 1 Point – Wearing your Hannapel T-Shirt to your appointment
  • 1 Point – Having clean teeth and gums at your appointment
  • 1 Point – Having nothing loose or broken at your appointment
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